I’m a Husband!

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It’s been nearly 2 months since our big day.. Yes, my fiance Kim and I finally tied the knot. It was something we had been planning for over a year prior to that!

So what’s it like being a Husband? Well, so far, it’s pretty much the same – only I have a nice ring (that I sometimes forget to wear doh!). Kim and I have been living together and have been “practically” married for a while now. We’ve been together since June 2, 2003.

I’m very happy, if you don’t already know. I never doubted marrying Kim so it’s just a natural progression in my life. I feel like it was just the right time for it.

As you can see from our photos which I just posted in my pics, we had a great time at the wedding. The photos were taken by Wes and Lisa from Z Media here in Cleveland. Look them up, they’ve got a nice portfolio.

Mine and Kim’s next step is to stop renting and buy a house. We’re not sure how we’re going to do it, and might look into working with a financial advisor to help us plan for the future.

I’m enjoying being a husband so far. I don’t care what other guys say about marriage or that “settling down” is for suckers. Whoever says that just doesn’t understand. I enjoy having stability in my life. And our house might be in the suburbs, which according to some people is totally uncool. But truthfully, I’ll take having some more privacy and nicer house than the street cred that comes with living in the city, along with the noise, traffic, hustle and bustle, etc.

I want to play my drums in my house and not have to worry about neighbors. I want to have a yard to take care of. I want to be able to go outside on my porch and not have share it with a stranger.

I just don’t want to drive 30 min or more to work. So that might be the only hard part. Finding a place that has some space and freedom that isn’t too far away from Go Media. But we have barely started looking. I’m sure there is something.

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