Harmony Korine Fans Dig “Brentumentary”

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I’m a big fan of Harmony Korine as a filmmaker. I really like his style and how he handles his subject matter and characters in his films. And die hard fans of his work are stereotypically elite film snobs. Not all, but from what I’ve seen, fans of Harmony’s movies usually have good taste in film and can quickly drop the axe on amateur or hack attempts at filmmaking. So I was expecting some harsh criticism after I had posted the video on Harmony’s official message board. I was hoping they would recognize what a special character Brent was and that they could suspend their resentment for the self promotional forum post. Most of the time, self promotional posts are quickly ridiculed, ripped apart, or ignored. And I’ve experienced them all. But I was pleasantly surprised when I got their reactions. Some of the forum’s more respected members actually liked it.

Check out their reactions here.

It appears as if Brent is making me look like a good director.

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