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free ipodOk ok. I never wanted to do this, but I am. I have always been a big skeptic on things like this. But after seeing a few friends get iPods, it made me at least give it a thought. So I did some reasearch and found an overwhelming amount of postive reviews of the whole thing. Articles on and here . A friend, Rob Dobi, has posted pictures of his iPod and Digital Camera he received from the same way.

There are also sites out there dedicated to helping people get their iPods. Like and After reading through those sites, I decided it was at least worth a shot. I mean, what did I really have to lose?

So I went over to and signed up. I completed a short survey (answered no to all the questions) and was asked to complete one offer. I picked the MusicNow offer because it had a 7-day free trial which I could cancel with. I am not sure if this was the best offer to pick, but I am new to this whole thing. It’s done by AOL and AOL is a legit company. Yes they are notorious for making it a pain to cancel their services – like asking you to stay, giving you more free months, calling back, etc. So I am not sure how this will go once I cancel it. According to, there are people who have “gone green” with this offer, which means, credited them for completing it.

And now that I have completed the offer, I need to get 5 people to click my referrer’s link and sign up and complete an offer. Will that be easy? Who knows. Most people are skeptical of this kind of thing, but everything I have read has pointed to this being legit.

So if you want a free iPod, click here. Sign up. Complete an offer. And get only 5 friends to do the same. Wait a few weeks and your iPod should show up at your door. I’ll keep you posted on my iPod status.

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