Film Recap #2

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More blurbs from my film recaps on the Harmony Korine forum. Note that some of these are one line and pretty pointless, but I thought I’d post it here anyway.

Dig!: I really haven’t listened to BJM (or the Dandy Warhols) but I thought the movie DIG was pretty good. I liked the film because it showed some insight into just how fucked up their bands are. I didn’t really like the people in the film. They seemed SO much different than me and I couldn’t relate. Although I did enjoy them as characters.

Nosferatu – Werner Herzog: I actually liked it lot. It was actually my 2nd Herzog film after Even Dwarfs… Nosferatu was good for me because I was on some sort of nostalgic kick with it. I remember seeing the poster for it and being freaked out as a child, but never having seen the film myself. So it was enjoyable to watch it as an adult.

Cinemania: The characters in the documentary are obsessed with watching films and there are a few characters who seem to be very knowledgeable about the subject. Particularly Jack Angstreich who was watching Godard films as a young teenager in the 80’s. And watches anywhere from 2-5 films a day. He also refuses to watch video and watches films only on the big screen. And only if the projection is good and the print is good. Most of the characters were definitely social outcasts and had some serious OCD problems. But I think Jack was the most “normal” out of them and was actually interested in the art form. Bill (the one who was trying to get a girl through the dating service) seemed into the art form as well.

Masculin Feminin – my fav Godard so far (others were Week End and Alphaville)

Running Scared (new one) – A friend of mine said it’s the best movie they’ve seen in years. Jesus Christ he needs to get out more! I won’t even go into it other than the this: Unbelievable TWISTS AND TURNS OMG does not make a good movie. And neither does dropping hundreds of F-Bombs, Name Calling, andshouting account for good realistic dialog.

Little Miss Sunshine – Really liked it, but it seemed like it added a spice of Hollywood gratuity here and there to keep the average viewer interested.

Thank You For Smoking – pretty smart film that “doesn’t apologize for itself”

8 1/2 (Fellini): BTW, just watched 8 1/2 for the first time and I was enjoying the film at first, but then caught myself dozing off a few times towards the middle. I was kind of mad at myself for that. But I was really into it the last 40 minutes or so. I liked it more than I thought I would. Does anyone else have audio/language problems when they watch it? I saw the Criterion version and it was in Italian with English subs, but it still seemed like the lips were saying things different than what I heard. Sometimes it would look accurate, other times the persons mouth would be closed and you’d still hear them finish a sentence. I saw other times they mouth english words, but it was dubbed over in italian and had the english subtitles at the bottom. That irks me.

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