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By December 26, 20123 Comments
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I did not expect this video to inspire me as much as it did. Perhaps it hit me at a time in my life when I’m excited about making music again. I formed a new band, started taking piano lessons, studying music theory, received a vintage 1984 Roland electric piano from my Uncle in-law, and have started learning Ableton Live. I’m inspired to make music more than ever before and it might end up becoming more than just a hobby. I’ve always considered it to be just a hobby that I did when the moment strikes me or if I was bored. But I realized I’m never bored and if I actually want to put out more music, I need to actually make it more than just a casual goal. It’s gotta be serious.

The stars are aligning for me as a musician. Did I just call myself a musician? Yes I did. I’m not a hobbyist, or a hack, or a noob – terms I called myself before today. I’ve been making music since 2000 and have played in 3 bands so far since 2007. I think it’s time to give myself some credit.

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