Dark Days – 9/10

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I watched the documentary Dark Days today. It was really a great film. I had heard good things about it and it still exceeded my expectations. It’s about these homeless bums who live underground in the subway tunnels. And there are lots of them and they even build small houses and shacks down there. It chronicles the events that take place and humanizes quite a few different bums. Each has their own personality and ways of life. It’s extraordinary to watch. It’s filmed in gritty black and white – mostly due to the inexperience of the director. And the soundtrack is performed by DJ Shadow (who is great btw). In the special features, he admits to never using a camera in his life before this. And he chose black and white because someone told him that if he did color, he’d screw it up.

He did a great job. He won lots of awards at Sundance in 2000 including the Cinematography Award. Quite an accomplishment for a guy who actually lived with the bums for 2 years and hired them himself as crew to work on his film.

This movie is in my top ten favs for sure. It’s a must see.


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