Cold Weather

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I had the pleasure of seeing Aaron Katz‘s new film Cold Weather the other night. It was lovely! Aaron was one of the original “mumblecore” directors I got into when I saw Dance Party USA and Quiet City. He doesn’t make nearly as many films as some of the others (looking at you Joe Swanberg), but when he does they are really really good.

Cold Weather, production wise, is more polished but the acting and story is still very down to earth and real. Basically what takes place is a ho-hum twentysomething flick like just about every other “new talkie” – but things take an awesome turn when they discover a key character is missing. So what unfolds is a thrilling hunt to find clues and uncover secrets about the characters.

I’ve been watching a TON of true crime shows with my wife like Disappeared, Nightmare Next Door, (anything on Information Discovery Channel) and I recently went to a focus group for a real murder case happening in Ohio. So my crime solving antennaes were way up already and this movie took my love for cinema verite and combined it with a missing person’s story. I was hooked!

The ending might leave people confused and wanting more. But if you look at the film as a slice of life or more than just a mystery thriller but as a character study about a brother, a sister, and a friend, it’s pretty remarkable.

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