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Brentumentary Released!!!!

By April 7, 2006 17 Comments

Brentumentary – A Day in the Life of Brent Simon
Directed by Jeff Finley · 25 minutes · 2006

The Brentumentary is finally available for the public to see! Enjoy the flick. At 25 minutes, it’s enjoyable to watch all the way through and will give you an insight into the digital brain of Brent Simon. Watch him as he spontaneously busts out World Wired West and Space Camp on his keyboard without any direction.

All of the dialogue and actions taking place are unscripted. We basically broke into Brent’s house while he was sleeping and were there to capture his awakening. And from that point we followed him around and encouraged him to do as he normally would and we would stay out of the way. We would film just about everything he did no matter how boring.

Luckily for us, Brent is never boring. There is always something to look at and every object in his messy room has a story behind it. We could have done an entire feature on Brent!

So sit back and enjoy it. If you have a friend who would enjoy it, make sure you send it to them! We must make Brent the most popular nerd in the history of the internet! We can all be proud of our geekdom!

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