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Bittorrent Song Lyrics and mp3

By March 3, 2006 7 Comments

Ok, here is a much demanded mp3 and lyrics to the song: Thanks to everyone who watched. I know you can relate to this video in some way!

Download the mp3:

Here are the lyrics:

-Verse 1-
Gather round and hear my story
Bout the new old west
I sought torrents, rips, and ISOs
Logged in under guest

Movies, music, games and porno,
Warez and killer apps,
Compressors, CODECs and keygens
Compilers, hacks and cracks

Data’s streamin’ my hard drive’s screamin’
Fragmenting the night
Bits are flowin’ corruption’s growin’
Into every last byte

-Verse 2-
Bad command or file name
OK, now what’s next
D-I-R where is my brain
It’s coded in base hex

Alright now you’ll feel my wrath
Don’t ever mess with me
Cram this up your Gigabyte
So long Format C:


-Bonus Verse-
If you watch my lips real closely
You’ll see they don’t match what I’m saying
My typewriter emits fluids
All of which are intoxicating

Staring at my shoes all after-
Noon on heroin isn’t boring
Just to poop I need the surgical
Equivalent of apple coring

Naked Lunch
Naked Lunch
Naked Lunch
Naked Lunch

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  • Troy says:

    Hey great song. I was wondering if you has sheet music that I could possibly get from you. I would love to learn this song.

  • Fester says:

    Hey lmao brilliant song

  • Mike says:

    Yup, me to.
    I’d really get the notes

  • Webb says:

    ya would love to get some sheet music 🙂

  • SE says:

    yeah me 2 as i said before


  • Phil says:

    Having the Piano Score would be really great.

    I’m trying to get them by listening again and again to the song. I’ve the bassline so far 🙂

  • Right. So it starts off as a light-hearted song about torrents and all that gubbins. And that’s fine; I can understand that. I don’t know what you’re actually talking about, but I understand. Then it goes woozy with the bit about Burroughs. Truly, that is most unexpected. I salute you. I’m just glad you uploaded it, rather than seeded it! Ha ha ha ha ha!

    Warmest regards,

    Oliver Levy.

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