Beastie Boys – Nonstop Disco Powerpack Fan Video

By January 5, 2012One Comment
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Over the holiday break, my wife Kim, her brother Greg, and I decided to act out a fantasy of ours. Yep, you guessed it, make a Beastie Boys music video! Kim had long talked about each of us taking a role and rapping our parts to a song. Well we finally had time to do it, so we borrowed Go Media’s Nikon D90 camera and went to work. We had only a couple of days to shoot while her brother was in town and this entire project was done fairly quickly actually. Kim was AdRock, Greg was Mike D, and I was MCA. Our cat Cookie and rabbit Daisy also made a cameo in this video.

The process of shooting went like this. Shoot a few takes of each person’s rapping solos, some group shots, some drumming, dancing, and some relevant b-roll footage. I edited together in a couple days even though I felt pretty crappy with a fever and a head cold! We think it came out better than we expected honestly. Just a tad better than amateur hehe. I hope you like it!

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