Be Better than Yesterday

By August 25, 20122 Comments
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I heard this quote recently and it resonated with me. It fits with a lot of projects I have going on in my life but it fit with my workout/fitness aspirations the most. I want to be a really good bboy. I want to be physically fit. But looking in the mirror or seeing video of myself makes me kind of dissapointed that it’s not happening faster. I can easily get discouraged or talk myself out of practicing or working out. It’s too easy to let a day slide. It becomes a few days, then it becomes a week. Then it’s REALLY difficult to motivate myself to practice again after not having done it for a while. This quote reminds me that it’s just that simple. Try to be better than the day before. Don’t watch those battle of year videos with amazing bboys who seem lightyears ahead. Sometimes that’s really demotivating. Just focus on trying to learn one little thing you didn’t know yesterday. Refine and practice what you already know. Just get slightly better. Do it every day. It will all add up to something in the end.

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