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This is the first movie I’ve seen by acclaimed Japanese horror director Takashi Miike. Audition is a work of art. Many people claim it to be one of the most disturbing movies of all time. Some say even the goriest. Goriest? Far from it. Most American horror films are far gorier. The reason why people are so quick to jump on the “gore” part, is because the notorious torture scene. Which the director carefully decides what to show us and would rather watch the agonizing face of the victim. That along with the sound effects that are crafted ever so subtly to make you squirm. Miike disturbes you not with blood, but with superb lighting, sound, pacing, editing, etc. And unlike American films, Miike avoids mixing horror with gratuitous nudity.

Here’s the premise of the film. It starts out with a guy who loses his wife. She dies. And seven years later he’s still lonely and longing for a partner. A friend suggests holding a fake audition to find the perfect wife. He gets fixated on a particular girl and begins seeing her and getting more involved. She is sweet and innocent at first, but he later realizes that she’s not as sweet as she seems.

I give this a 9/10 because the movie does have it’s flaws. Toward the end of the movie, it gets a tad confusing. Cutting in and out of dream like sequences and you aren’t sure what’s real or not. Ala eXistenZ or Mulholland Drive. Not that that’s a bad thing, but I just thought it could have been avoided and wasn’t absolutely necessary. This film is said to have inspired Eli Roth to make Hostel. If that’s the case, Eli has a lot to learn.

This is how horror should be made. Although the film does have it’s share of blood and squirmy scenes, it does it gracefully and respectfully. I was truly spooked afterwards and was in a strange mood. I was taken aback by this film and am anxious to see what else Miike has to offer.


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