Are Myspace Stat Trackers Evil?

By February 26, 2006December 1st, 20119 Comments
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Myspace really does NOT want it’s users knowing who views their profile. If you aren’t familiar, there are a bunch of “spy” trackers out there that allow you to see who is visiting your myspace profile. I used and it worked pretty good. But no less than a week later, the stat tracker was shut down by myspace.

But today Kim showed me another one located at It works the same way. But when you copy the code into your “who I’d like to meet” section, myspace actually alters the code, thus disabling it. They are pretty quick to come up with something that disables trackers. And if that wasn’t enough, the nfiltrate myspace profile showed up with the about me section duplicated into the who I’d like to meet section. Weird. Myspace actually removed the entire section and replaced it’s content. How creepy.

So why doesn’t myspace want people knowing who views their page? What is so wrong? Would YOU want people knowing if you viewed their page? I could care less if people knew I visited their profile. I think it’s cool knowing that information. It also gives me an idea of how people are finding me. I had a few people google for totally random things and find my myspace profile – thus getting familar with my art/design and possibly making some new business. I don’t count on such things, but it’s just something that is really interesting and helpful. I have also found out I was on a few people’s top 8 that I never knew about. Cool!

But myspace is so quick to disable stuff like that. It does indeed violate their TOS, but why? Does it invade people’s privacy? I have heard from a few people that they absolutely DO NOT want people knowing they “spied” on someone else’s page. For what? They don’t want to be thought of as a “stalker.”

Maybe it would be alright if there was some sort of text on your profile that read “this page is being tracked by xxxx” or something. So people KNEW you were tracking visitors. You can do it with your OWN website, why not your OWN myspace profile? What do you think?

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