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What is Maker/Mistaker?

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Maker/Mistaker is the personal development blog of Jeff Finley. That’s me. Some of you might know me from Go Media or WMC Fest. Or maybe you read my bookor follow me on the web. Either way you know that I’m kind of a hyper active maker of things. 

But first, the name Maker/Mistaker comes from the duality in all of us. We make things and we break things. We mess up. A lot. But the world never sees it because we don’t talk about our failures much. We don’t want to look like we’re complaining. But the truth is failure is growth. And that’s what this blog is all about. 

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Weapons of Mass Creation 3 – The Video

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It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly a month since WMC Fest 2012. I’m proud to announce the release of the official recap video. Directed, shot, and edited by Aaron Freeder under my creative direction and with the help of some awesomely talented designers for the type graphics, this short film perfectly encapsulates the essence of the WMC. If you weren’t there this year, you better be for WMC IV!

Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 2011 Video

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This short film gives you a taste of what WMC is all about. On June 11-12 we had the 2nd ever Weapons of Mass Creation Fest. An estimated 800+ people attended. The event centered around design, music, and ideas and featured local and national bands, speakers, and designers across 3 venues over the weekend. Film Directed by Aaron Freeder. Creative Director: Jeff Finley. Custom Typography and Lettering: Brandon Rike, Jana Kinsman, Amanda Buck, Richie Stewart, Erin Fuller. WMC Fest is put on by Go Media, a creative agency based in Cleveland, OH. For more info on the fest, go to wmcfest.com


WMC Fest Recap: From the Founder’s Perspective

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There’s a lot of recaps being posted around the net from those who attended the 2nd ever Weapons of Mass Creation Fest last weekend. And I love it. I love seeing their photos and their stories. I wanted to post a recap, but not like everyone else of course. I wanted to post a recap from my perspective, the organizer of such an event. Coming off what I’ve been calling the best weekend of my life, I think I’m finally ready to put it into words.

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Dust Sleeve » Help Fund WMC Fest: Refer A Friend And Become A VIP!

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Dust Sleeve » Help Fund WMC Fest: Refer A Friend And Become A VIP!

So we’ve only got 7 days left to reach our $2500 goal for the WMC Kickstarter project. As of right now, we still need $534, so we’re introducing our WMC Refer a Friend campaign.

Basically instead of buying your weekend pass, get a friend to donate $25 to WMC Fest through our Kickstarter Project and you BOTH get free weekend passes with VIP/Backstage access. A weekend pass by itself is $25 so it’s a no-brainer to get 2 for 1 this way. We’re really hoping this can get us over the hump!

For more info on how to refer a friend and become a VIP, check out the article on Dust Sleeve: