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SXSW Recap

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Whew I am finally back from a long week down in beautiful Austin, Texas. The weather there was perfect and I stepped off the plane into 25 degree Cleveland weather this morning. Brr. Overall the trip was great. We made lots of contacts, rid ourselves of about 700 posters, about 1000 flyers and another 1000 business cards. Here’s a quick rundown of each day as I can remember:

Day One:

Monday we arrived in Texas at around 3 something PM. Our flight was delayed for almost two hours and we had to fly around a storm which extended our flight about 2 more hours. And by the time we found our hotel and grabbed lunch at the Iron Cactus, badge registration for SXSW was already over. So we just drove downtown later that night in our rental car and explored the territory.

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SXSW Photos

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Here are some pics from our trip so far to SXSW in Austin Texas. It’s a beautiful city and things seem to be going very well for our first time experience here.