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Parachute Journalists – Heroes

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It’s been a long time coming, but my band has put out a new song. Well, to most people’s it’s new. It’s called Heroes. It’s a very personal song to me. I wrote and composed this about 3-4 years ago after the singer of one of my favorite bands treated me like a complete asshole. I mailed him $2 bucks for a CD-R of some of his new band’s material and also sent along some of my design work from Go Media. He sent it back to me with letter his bandmate wrote calling me all sorts of things and accusing me of exploiting bands. It was the biggest pile of BS I’d ever seen. He completely misunderstood me (even though I offered to do work for him for free as a friend).

I won’t go into detail on exactly what he wrote, but the point is, I looked up to the guy. I followed him and his music from band to band. He was influential in me deciding to start my own band and write music. So it hurt pretty bad when I felt like I was wrongly judged from someone I admired. So I wrote them back trying to set the record straight, but they didn’t seem to give a shit one bit. Didn’t even apologize. Afterward I seriously wanted to quit. Things like this give the punk scene a bad name.


An artist I used to work with said “I’ve got some advice for you. You’re heroes don’t respect you. They could care less about you.” That’s not some advice I said it’s just a load of crap instead. I’ll show you that’s not true. I’m gonna work hard and prove to you that not everyone in this world is an asshole. Not everyone in this world is a jerk. There are people out there that really do care. You just have to know where to look.

This punk rock kid I looked up to played in a band I listened to. He was an inspiration; led to my bands formation. I sent my art to him, I thought here’s my chance to get involved. He shoved it back in my face.
Said my work was a disgrace. So that guy from my favorite band was an asshole. He had no idea how much his words could hurt. I said I loved his band but he didn’t seem to care that he took my heart and threw it in the dirt.

Then there’s this guy from this awesome record label. I asked to play a song from my band’s shitty demo
He said, “No way, I don’t care about your band, why don’t you folks understand that it’s all about they money? I don’t wanna be your friend, but you can be my fan! I’ll take your donation, and act like I’m thankful, but in the end, we won’t remember you.

I’m putting my faith in honesty. I’m gonna try my best and the world will see I’m hopeful, I’m young, and I’m strong. I’m putting my faith in humanity not to treat their friends like commodities cause that’s bullshit, fucked up, and fucking wrong.

I still go to shows, to see my favorite bands. I try to meet them afterwards, and I always shake their hands. I tell them they did great, with my honest appreciation. I want to open up and have a candid conversation. But they’re not looking for that. No, they want to move on fast to the kid with the patches on his hat. He’s gonna buy their merch and their CD, when all I want is honesty. But that never seems to come for free. Oh, why does this shit bother me!?

The temptation has come and gone not to give up on the scene. Whatever happened to positivity and building community? As I jadedly sing this song, there’s this kid in the front row pounding his fist against his heart, it makes me believe that this it what it’s all about! The songs that make us sing and shout! The real heroes here are all around me! Yeah, my heroes here are all around me! My real heroes here, please don’t give up on me!

24th of January | Parachute Journalists

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Who says the words with my mouth?
Who looks out with my eyes?
Who hears the morning dove first?
And only then the silence of the night?

I’ve tried everything with a clue
I’ve turned left seven times
But as soon as I woke up again
I realized I might as well have turned right.

Oh! Could the –
Answer come on this credit card?
My name stamped in from behind
If that is really all we are
Looks like I’ve wasted a lifetime…

So I will keep this music a secret.
The chords & the keys will be my diary
holding melodies to tangle up my demons,
and I will only sing when I need them.

Try it!
Walkin’ quick toward the stadium,
or out a bus window.
Everything close to you moves fast,
but all the rest of it goes sloooow.

And ain’t that just like the seasons,
Or a bedroom full of steam?
There’s an abundance of bitterness
Any time you’re looking for something sweet.

But you –
Can’t think about it all that much,
Or you’ll never fall asleep.
Yeah you’ll be –
Standing in that Monday mirror
Still waiting for the end of the week.

You’re –
Better off with an empty mind,
yea better keep your conscience clean;
On those long miles of boredom
broken only with breaths of nicotine.

Yea I saw the pictures on Facebook,
But no, I didn’t go.
I had already buried her in the past,
no need to watch her decompose.

No this –
Happiness is not for the weak.
I’ll tell you it takes some work.
To only remember things that make it better,
instead of all the stuff that makes it worse.

I’m getting pretty good though –
Sometimes I surprise myself.
If she kissed me today,
I’d be surprised if she couldn’t tell.

So I will keep this music a secret.
The chords & the keys will be my diary
holding melodies to tangle up my demons,
and I will only sing when I need them.

Yah I will keep this song a secret
so from the start to the end
you’ll hear sweet silence
and it will quiet
all of my demons
and I will only
sing when I need them.

released 02 August 2010
Produced by Adam Wagner at Bad Racket Studios in Cleveland, OH. Vocals and guitar by Adam Wagner, bass by Jeff Steinwachs, drums and backing vocals by Jeff Finley. Cover artwork by Jeff Finley.

Busy with Life, BRB

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Here are some blurbs about what’s going on right now.

  1. Go Media’s going through a bit of a transition period. We had to let go of a few staff members and we’re feeling the pinch of this terrible economy. My partners and fellow designers have been really buckling down and we’re turning things around. If we continue to do high quality work and take care of our clients, and we know things will get better.
  2. I’ve been slammed at work lately and at home. I’m just extremely busy in all aspects of life that I have no time for stuff I used to do in my off-time. Like write on this blog. You know when you’re busy, you think you should post a blog but it’s just not important enough and you have other things to do. That’s kind of where I’m at right now. I’m busting my ass at Go Media trying to get more work done for clients as well as racking my brain about breathing some life back into the Arsenal. We temporarily had to release George, our editor for the GoMediaZine, so that’s also on my plate.
  3. Parachute Journalists (my band) is actually in a good spot right now. We were going to make the trek to NYC to record with Phil Douglas of Latterman (one of my favorite bands and fav producers) but we’ve realized we’re all broke and Adam, our singer/guitarist is getting really good at recording/producing so we’re just going to do it ourselves. It’s more fun that way I think because we can take our time and focus on the songs – better than being rushed for 3 days in NYC. We’ve got the music tracked and we are doing vocals and overdubs now. I can’t wait to show you guys how it comes out!
  4. Kim and I barely have time to do home maintenance and yard work. This time of year, it’s dark when we get home from work so it’s kind of depressing if you know what I mean. We’re also in a pinch financially and a putting off a lot of home repairs that need done. And the Holidays are sneaking up. It’s going to be tight this year!