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WMC Fest Recap: From the Founder’s Perspective

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There’s a lot of recaps being posted around the net from those who attended the 2nd ever Weapons of Mass Creation Fest last weekend. And I love it. I love seeing their photos and their stories. I wanted to post a recap, but not like everyone else of course. I wanted to post a recap from my perspective, the organizer of such an event. Coming off what I’ve been calling the best weekend of my life, I think I’m finally ready to put it into words.

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Designers Who Started Their Own Clothing Line

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As I’m writing the “Designers Guide to the Apparel Industry” eBook that I plan to release soon, I started to take notice of WHO are the role models that inspired this book. Essentially, who are the designers who started freelancing and eventually started and now run a successful clothing line? As Steve Knerem’s “start a clothing line” series sheds light on HIS experience doing what so many of us designers want to do: Branch out and release something of our own.

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Amazing Distressed T-Shirt Mockups in less than 3 Minutes

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Here’s a quick demo of how you can take your artwork and seamlessly integrate it into our new distressed t-shirt templates using Adobe Photoshop.

You can buy the templates for $34.99 at Go Media’s Arsenal:


The distressed look is perfect for those faded, dyed, stained, or ripped up tees like Affliction, Monarchy, Obey, etc. You’re mockups can look like the real deal.

Go Media has partnered with Bare Apparel for these awesome shirt blanks. bareapparel.com/

When you want to go into production and actually MAKE these shirts, you know you can buy the exact tees from Bare Apparel and feel safe that they’ll come out how you mocked it up.