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By Bread Alone first live show

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So my band is playing our first show this Saturday. It will be awesome! Brent Simon (the Space Camp guy who went on Jimmy Kimmel) is also playing as well as Two Hand Fools and Echoes of Harpers Ferry. Go Media’s own Adam Wagner will open up with a few songs.

The show is at the Go Media building at 4507 Lorain Ave in Cleveland. Parking is across the street on 45th. Free Pizza if you’re there early. Doors open at 8pm. First band around 9:30pm.

Adam Wagner (indie/folk)

Free pizza for early birds

Let us know if you’re coming or if you have a question.

Squeezing in Practices before Chris leaves

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As most of you know by now, Chris Petri, the mighty pen-weilder of By Bread Alone, will be departing for his hometown of Kelly’s Island in April. He’ll be back after the summer. Obviously, we’re staying together and still going to work on our songs, but we’re just going to be doing it more virtual than before.

We are trying to squeeze in a few more practice sessions before he leaves and we hope to have some postable songs by then.

We have 4 songs that we could potentially post next month.


First Song Complete

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So last weekend we had a good practice and recorded what we feel is the complete version of “Hometown Songs.” We’re tweaking the mix and levels and such to get it how we like, but we are going to say it’s done and move on to the next song “BYOB – Be Your Own Band.”

If you’d like to hear “Hometown Songs” you can send us a message and we’ll email it to you. We don’t want to post it up here yet until we get at least 3 or 4 solid songs up.

Also, on a side note, I managed to come down with a cold this weekend. I feel blobby.


First song nearly finalized

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So we’ve been more focused the past few practices and we stopped trying to work on every song every time. We narrowed it down to our two most “put-together” songs and we will work on those until we are happy and have a version that we feel comfortable playing live.

Certain things are being worked out such as various drum parts, vocal patterns, crescendos, ups and downs, etc. You know, all the little parts that make a song actually feel good.

Right now “Hometown Songs” is about 95% where we want it to be. We don’t have a good enough recording to post on our page here, but we are all happy with the tempo, pacing, and overall vibe. I really cannot wait until we have a good recording to show you.

Let me say that practices have been very fun and enjoyable. There is some good chemistry between Chris, Eugene, and I. We are on the same page more often than not and we are learning together. It’s a good feeling.

It’s hard to believe that 3 or 4 months ago I was still wishing I could play the drums. And now I’m playing in this band we started. It’s pretty crazy. Sometimes I regret not being the kid who played drums since he was 14, but hey. I am 25 and I’m just getting started. I’m finally able to put some real music into this world!

Anyway, practice is Sunday at 2pm. We have two people that are interested in contributing vocals for us, but we’ll see if they decide to come out and what they have to offer. We are happy being a trio, but we’re still open to see what others can offer.


Practice – moving right along

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Today was a really long band practice. From 10-3:30. We recorded a whole bunch more takes of “Hometown Songs” and we’ve determined that it doesn’t have enough energy so we’re going to switch it up a bit. I think it’s for the better.

We also worked on a new song called “Gemma” which was written by the great Dan Haylett (yes the one who upchucked in zero gravity). This song which was first played out at a “stoner rock” pace which didn’t really please anyone, but it was good to get something audible into eachother’s ears. We then suddenly transformed this emotional balland into a hardcore punk song. It was one of the more satisfying things we’ve done so far.

At this point the song is very rough, but it’s full of an undeniable energy. Not bad so far. We will work on tightening things up next week.

We have a few other songs we’re working on but nothing that’s more than 50% done.

Next Week we plan to continue to iron out Hometown Songs and probably tighten the screws on Gemma since it’s such an easy song to remember.


We finally recorded some stuff!

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Just finished practice and we have recorded a few things. Nothing is finished yet but we finally were able to test out some recording equipment. Sounds good so far, but still lots of screws to tighten and holes to patch. But everything is coming along great! However, there isn’t anything worth posting for others to hear yet.

We have decided to keep our band a 3 piece of Chris, Eugene, and myself (Jeff). Eugene has decided to take on vocals with vigor and he’s doing awesome. I love it. He’s also playing bass too, a new instrument for him (he’s been a guitar player for years) but he’s so quick to learn it. I have all the faith and confidence in the world in my fellow bandmates. We’re so stoked to finally have something to listen to after our practices.

We’ll spend this next week tightening the screws and really nailing our first song “Hometown Songs.” One thing is for sure, all of our songs will have an undeniable energy to them. I can feel it.

We expect to have at least a 5 song demo out before Christmas.