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Thread’s Not Dead Hardcover Party

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In October, we celebrated the release of my book’s hardcover edition. The video sums up what happend. It was cool to see Brandon Rike and Adam Hendle of I am the Trend come out. They were two contributors to the book. Also, Steven Knerem and Mike Kubinksi of CLE Clothing were selling tees. Thanks to Visible Voice books in Cleveland for hosting the event!

You can buy the book here.

Thread’s Not Dead Bookmarks printed

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100% Handmade in the USA by Brandon Herbel of Make Believe studio. Only 100 printed. The first 25 attendees of my book launch party get one for free. They are also for sale at The Go Media store.

How to Launch a T-Shirt Line in One Day

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This video is a trailer for the new video tutorial you can buy here: arsenal.gomedia.us/video-tutorial-launch-a-tee-line-in-less-than-a-day.html

If you’ve thought about starting an apparel line, or you have one already, I can guess what you’re thinking: It’s just not possible! And yes, there is a huge list of reasons why it’s not possible to do this – and it’s this list that keeps most people from taking the first steps.

This video will break down barriers that we all deal with, and show you how to turn your passion into a concept, come up with a logo, create your first line of tees, get them printed, and finally how to market & get your first sale.

See more screenshots and grab the full tutorial here:

Beauty is a Black Hole (video tutorial)

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I’ve released my first ever FEATURE LENGTH video tutorial! It’s a 2 HOUR, real-time walk-through of my creation of the illustration Beauty is a Black Hole, a dark and doomy record cover.

I share the intimate details of my illustration and design process in his two hour video tutorial “Wacom Illustration Techniques”. You’ll learn the process for manipulation and compilation of photos for reference, secrets of illustration with a Wacom tablet, and techniques for adding color and texture to finalize the piece.

Purchase Video Tutorial

the final artwork

Photo manipulation

  • Setting up document
  • Finding reference photos
  • Combining references photos into cohesive composite reference.
  • Aligning the anatomy of a reference skull to a stock photo.
  • Using layer masks to clean up composite reference.

progress shot


Ideal brush settings for use with a Wacom.
Drawing the skull

  • Roughing in main outlines.
  • Adding illustrated hash lines and stipple dots to suggest shading.
  • Knowing the difference between anatomy & illustration.
  • See the entire skull drawn in real time.
  • Drawing more realistic teeth.
  • Interpreting detail from the dull areas of the reference photo.
  • Adding texture with illustration techniques.

progress shot

Drawing hair

  • Creating your own style from insufficient reference material.
  • “Chunking” areas of hair to frame the flow.
  • Subdividing the chunks to fill in the hair.
  • Controlling line density to suggest light & dark areas.
  • Drawing hair like a twisting tube.
  • Getting in the zone with the lines.

Beauty is a Black Hole detail shot

Adding type, texture, & color

Adding fill and texture

  • Filling the linework with a background color.
  • Adding “noise” with texture.
  • Blending in the artwork to the background with layer masks.
  • Creating noise textures with the “guess & check” method.
  • Adding positive & negative noise to the foreground & background to add cohesion.

progress shot

Adding type

  • Combining faces, weights, sizes & kerning for perfect type treatment.
  • Using Photoshop’s align & distribute functions.
  • Simulating ink bleed on the type.

Adding color

  • Experimenting with textures & layer blending modes.
  • Applying the global vintage color treatment.
  • Spot blurring to add visual interest.
  • Adding grain & sharpness with the high pass filter.

Beauty is a Black Hole detail shot

2 hour video tutorial from Jeff Finley

Purchase Video Tutorial

Art Print now available:

Beauty is a Black Hole by Go Media
Beauty is a Black Hole by Go Media

Amazing Distressed T-Shirt Mockups in less than 3 Minutes

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Here’s a quick demo of how you can take your artwork and seamlessly integrate it into our new distressed t-shirt templates using Adobe Photoshop.

You can buy the templates for $34.99 at Go Media’s Arsenal:


The distressed look is perfect for those faded, dyed, stained, or ripped up tees like Affliction, Monarchy, Obey, etc. You’re mockups can look like the real deal.

Go Media has partnered with Bare Apparel for these awesome shirt blanks. bareapparel.com/

When you want to go into production and actually MAKE these shirts, you know you can buy the exact tees from Bare Apparel and feel safe that they’ll come out how you mocked it up.


MYLKHEAD Limited Edition Posters!

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There are 5 new posters up in the store for your collecting pleasure including a limited edition series of BOXOMYLK posters:

Limited Edition BOXOMYLK Poster Series:
BOXOMYLK – Propaganda

In addition, by popular demand, there are now 10 limited edition prints of the Mr. Gnome poster. And 10 prints of the Mylkhead Straightjacket Poster. Get them now while you can!

Check out the new posters at mylkheadmerch.com!