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Birdy Nam Nam Rocks Chicago

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This is a guest post by Jimmy Haylett (aka Capn Fabulous).

Birdy Nam Nam the turntable quartet from France played at the Empty Bottle in Chicago last Sunday and showed some interesting skills. The Drift, an ambient / Jazz / electronic with a unique sound opened followed by Small Sails another ambient band with quite an ethereal sound that put on a nice projection show. But Birdy Nam Nam (Name taken from the great Movie “The Party” with Peter Sellers) really owned the venue.

While they don’t have a typical turntable Hip Hop sound with most songs at slower than typical BPMs for turntablists, their beats are real funky and distorted. At one point they each took their turns solo and Lil’ Mike really stole the stage. Two songs to check out are: Too Much Skunk Tonight (Nice Bass) and Abbesses (Crazy Accordian Song).

Check em out on Myspace. It may be worth the time.


Reviewed by Capn Fabulous

Angels and Airwaves song leak!

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If you haven’t heard of Angels and Airwaves, you’ve been living under a rock since last summer. It’s Tom Delonge’s new project. Blink-182 broke up last year as you know (or should know) and this is his new “groundbreaking” and “monumental” new band. It’s been hyped to high heavens and there hasn’t been a song released. Until now. This song titledThe Adventure leaked last week and it’s really good. I am totally stoked for this new album.

Click here to download the song.


I Wish Found This Album Sooner

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Strike Anywhere released this masterpiece in 2003 and I am finally getting my hands on it. I have never heard a song I did not like from this band. And every time I made it out to a CD store, they never had a copy of their record. I was at the store the other night and they actually had one copy. So I jumped on it. I’ve been listening to it ever since. If you like hardcore punk with a dash of melodic catchiness, then you have gotta get this. If you like Rise Against, Strung Out, A Wilhelm Scream, or even Thrice, then you’ll love this.

Pick up the album here.

Or by individual songs for $.99 on iTunes