Watching that Trump rally brought tears to my eyes. You can see the genuine joy and optimism in the American people.

If you don’t see it and all you feel is hatred toward the man, you are under a spell. Asleep in the dream, seduced by the false god of the “love and light” global utopia. Holding on to this contrived reality that has been crafted by the global elite, the banksters, the powers that want to be. They don’t care about you. You cannot live in a world of love and unity if it has to be enforced through an ever-more oppressive political correctness, thought policing, and a religious hatred toward anyone that questions the narrative.

It’s so oppressive that you can’t be honest or say how you feel without getting called a bigot, racist, xenophobe, or worse. Those are the “control words” of Empire. So we silence our voice and hide. We self-censor. And what happens to what we suppress? It shows up in other people as enemies. What they really are is long-lost pieces of our soul trying to reunite with us and receive love. Because we have insisted for so long that that part of ourselves was evil and unworthy. Mostly likely due to what we were taught growing up. Then we see that evil in other people and we cast them out and riot against them.

Trump was voted in because he has the ego and the balls to stand up to the globalist establishment who want to enslave humanity. He wants to restore the power back to the people. Now, those are just words, but what we are experiencing is a collective desire from humanity to literally take our power back. Trump just happens to be the manifestation of this collective desire.

The corporate media (including major social media) lies about Trump and suppresses his supporters – they do. (Look up the organizations Media Matters, Correct the Record, Share Blue, David Brock, and George Soros – and the Twitter censorship which is going to lead to its downfall).The major media networks have a vested interest in keeping the globalist utopia false reality alive. They’ll do whatever it takes to get Trump out of office (even go as far as killing him). They want you to think that HE is the one responsible for the division in this country, when in fact it is THEM. They are creating the problem, and then getting you to blame someone else.

Why are they so against Trump? Because he intends to expose the truth about their corruption and their pedophile and human trafficking rings that make the world go round. Pedophilia and other depraved acts have been critical tools of blackmail for those in power. Not to mention the dark occult fuckery they are up to. The reality of the world we live in is more disturbing and offensive than anything we could have thought.

But the good thing is, no matter how hard they try, Truth cannot be stopped. It will come out no matter what. People are feeling the squeeze and are waking up to this false reality construction and we crave truth, even if it hurts. It usually happens when we feel the suffering so much that we are forced to surrender to it and stop trying to fight it off with distractions, drugs, alcohol, etc. To wake up out of the ego and realize the dream we have been living in.

This is the era of truth and authenticity. For those of you who are lovers, empaths, healers, and peacemakers – I feel your pain. But we are tired of our kindness being exploited by people who do not have our best interests at heart. As a person who has always had soft boundaries, I let people walk all over me sometimes. I have done my share of self sacrifice for the benefit of others. But this “suicidal altruism” is not healthy. It’s time to learn to say the “lost word” NO and set good boundaries.

That’s why I support the border wall, because as a nation we need strong boundaries. You can look at the nation as a metaphor for our body. Our consciousness. Our psyche. Taking a stand by saying NO is how you reclaim your power and freedom. It’s your divine right. The wall is just a stabilization method to stop the bleeding. As a nation we are sick and need some serious self care. It’s time to put America first. Again, this is an external manifestation of the collective desire for protection and strength and self worth. Those that want you to believe it’s xenophobic are manipulating you through guilt and empathy. They want you to be self sacrificing and submissive so they can get their way. If you want to understand more look up the globalist agenda.

I support Donald Trump, yes, but I’m not attached to him as my savior. He’s not my authority. My true authority comes from within and from God (source, creator, higher self, whatever). I am feeling joy and optimism about the future because I know truth is coming out. I know this is why I came to Earth at this time.

Amongst the “silent majority” who voted for Trump there is a genuine groundswell of real hope and joy. It’s not contrived optimism that needs a big-budget marketing campaign to convince us. This is what is going to “make America great again.” When you take care of yourself and love yourself first, then you are much better able to love your fellow human no matter what race or gender or class. Because it’s real, not enforced.

This is going to be a dark time. But it doesn’t have to be a living hell. Our shadows are being revealed and that can be scary, but the only way out is through. You can’t ignore it or suppress it. It’s time to get to know our shadows. And practice honest self reflection and self love instead of pointing the finger outwards and trying to get everyone else to change. If you want a genuine conversation with someone from the “other side” start with owning your feelings and not letting other people be responsible for how you feel. Take your power back.

It’s an inside job. It’s time to realize that being a victim is a free will choice. We can be a victim and try to get everyone else to change or we can embody the truth of who we are and live the life our soul craves.. Our souls have been trying to get us there this whole time, but our consciousness and free will is constantly distracted by what other people feel is best for us. Now more than ever is a time to listen to that inner guidance and turn off the TV.

Those invested in keeping truth hidden are going to suffer quite a bit. Those invested in the false reality – aka the “matrix” reality – the dream – will feel a lot of pain and grief as it comes crashing down. You can feel it. The definition of apocalypse is “is a disclosure of knowledge or revelation. In religious contexts it is usually a disclosure of something hidden. A vision of heavenly secrets that can make sense of earthly realities.”

If anyone needs an apocalypse buddy, I’m here for ya 🙂

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  • Dallas Lee says:

    I was looking for information about double simian creases (as I have them) and I happened to stumble across your blog. I’m only a teenager and I’m finding this information slightly confusing but also intriguing and as a result, I want to learn more (about what’s mentioned in this particular article and others you have written). Do you happen to know of any sources that go into a deeper explanation?

    • Jeff Finley says:

      Hi Dallas, thanks for reading. Do you have a specific thing you are confused about?

      • Dallas Lee says:

        Sorry for such a late response. I’m mainly confused about what having double simian lines truly means. Like, I don’t understand when some sources say you are blessed with a gift and you are rewarded for taking advantage of it, but punished for not using it. How do you know what that gift is?

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