2012 in Review and Top Lists!

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There goes another year! I don’t really want to write this, but I should. I’ll regret it if I don’t! So, goodbye 2012 and welcome 2013. I’m going to try to remember all this stuff and I hope I don’t leave anything important out!

Notable happenings from 2012:

  1. I formed a new band called Campfire Conspiracy. It’s me, Matt Witt and Scott Mumaw. I play drums. You can find us on Facebook and Bandcamp. As of this writing we have no public material, we’ve only been a band for 2-3 months and we’re still writing songs and recording them. But we’re probably going to sound like high energy, catchy punk rock.
  2. I started taking piano lessons. As of now, I’ve had three lessons. It’s not something I really considered until the new band started and I wanted to write better songs. I’ve always been self-taught in music theory and songwriting and make music electronically since 2000. But I’ve had success taking lessons over the years with drums and breakdancing and I felt it’s the fastest way for me to learn.
  3. I got braces! Actually it’s a thing called 6 month smiles. They are clear braces. I got them at the end of June, I still have them on but they should be coming off soon! My teeth are definitely straighter.
  4. WMC Fest 2012 was great. Just watch this video and you’ll see. We had about 1,300 people attend this year and we overfilled the speaker auditorium forcing us to decide on a new venue this year. 2013 is shaping up to be another good fest, but I’m always worried about getting it done. With each new fest, there are new challenges to overcome. My most worrisome is budget – notably venue costs and finally being able to pay some of our core staff.
  5. I was on TV and NPR the same day I turned 30!  This was crazy. I got to meet Kenny Crumpton after running into him at a local dive bar while we were planning WMC stuff. He then featured WMC Fest in his kickin it with Kenny show in the morning. Later that day I had to run off to the Ideacenter downtown at Playhouse Square to chat with Dee Perry on the Around Noon Show on NPR.
  6. Big changes with Go Media staff. We lost Adam Wagner to a sexy new job in San Francisco and Adam Law decided to move to Seattle to pursue his dreams. We also lost our project manager Heather Mariano because she is having a baby in 2013 and wants to take care of him full time while she pursues her own photography business. In response to all this, we’ve hired Bryan Garvin as a front end web developer, promoted Liz Hunt to Arsenal Product Manager, hired Sarah Traxler as our new PM, and Aaron Roberts as a junior designer to start in 2013. We also hired Jenny Kelley as our Account Services Director to build Go Media’s first dedicated sales team. All these changes are actually quite refreshing even though it sucks to lose friends.
  7. Bill got schooled. My business partner at Go Media attended an elite business development course at Yale from AIGA. He also did the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses course at Tri-C and really amped up his formal business training. This has actually helped him transition OUT of being a designer and more of a business person. Working ON Go Media instead of IN it. The biggest affect this has had is Bill had to write a serious 5 year growth plan. Something we’ve never done. He also assigned team members as “owners” of each of our properties (like WMC Fest, Arsenal, MockupEverything, etc) and each one was responsible for their own growth plan. And to help, each person has a dashboard of metrics they must track every month so we can gauge the success of our growth plans. It’s a lot of work to set up, but it’s been very helpful so far. I think it will be key to our growth in 2013.
  8. Kim got back into music. When my wife Kim and I got together, we shared a lot of similar music tastes. She turned me onto bands like Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Thursday, Bouncing Souls, The Promise Ring, etc. We made mix CDs for each other all the time and those songs define our moments together. But over the years she’s gradually fallen out of always being on top of music and discovering new bands. Even though I’ve always been into it. For awhile we didn’t have music in common much. But lately, she’s gotten really into Spotify and she’s been discovering bands left and right. She’s buying CDs again and we’ve been listening to music while we make dinner. We’ve never had music playing around the house before but now we do. It’s great! I’m excited that she’s excited. We even went to see New Found Glory play at Grog Shop for their Sticks and Stones 10 year anniversary tour. It was a lot of fun!
  9. Bands I saw live were The Menzingers, NFG, Light Years, Into it. Over it., Algernon Cadwallader, Blueprint, Ohio Sky, and more at WMC Fest.
  10. Made a Beastie Boys music video. Watch it!  It’s a fan-video of me, my wife Kim, and her bro Greg. It was a blast.
  11. I learned the Windmill! This was one of my big goals for the year and I did it! Here’s a video. 
  12. I got a new dance floor installed in my house. See video. I haven’t practiced on it much because I’ve been focusing on making music, but I will use it more in 2013.
  13. I danced at my first hip hop jam. Whew!
  14. I started breaking with Daisun Santana. I will be doing more of this in 2013.
  15. I went on vacation with Kim to North Carolina. We visited Asheville, went hiking, visited Chimney Rock and many waterfalls. We then spent a few days on the beach at Outer Banks! This was a good getaway but we had to do sooo much driving. If there’s one thing I learned, trying to do too many things in one vacation is exhausting. Next one we take, we want to simplify it.
  16. More speaking engagements: I spoke at Columbus Creative, WMC Fest 2012, the AAF Luncheon, Launch house, and Bad Girl Ventures. I also did some social media coaching for the BGV and some portfolio critiques at CSU.

Here is my top list for 2012


Fav Movies and TV Shows

  • Homeland (TV)
  • Breaking Bad (TV)
  • Dexter (TV)
  • Disappeared (TV)
  • Becoming Santa
  • Pulling John
  • The Antics Roadshow
  • Freaky Eaters (TV)
  • Solved (TV)
  • My Strange Addiction (TV)
  • Special When Lit: a Pinball Doc
  • The American Scream
  • The IT Crowd
  • Trollhunter
  • Louie
  • Indie Game: The Movie
  • The Unloved
  • Make Believe
  • America in Primetime
  • Last Days Here
  • 30 for 30: Birth of Big Air
  • The Woodmans
  • Nat Geo: The Appalachian Trail
  • A Horrible Way to Die
  • V/H/S/
  • Being Elmo
  • Uncle Kent
  • The Freebie
  • Cold Weather
  • Registered Sex Offender

Fav Podcasts

  • Adventures in Design
  • Go Media Podcast
  • Limited Resources (Magic)
  • So Many Insane Plays (Magic)
  • This American Life
[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last] Bands in my Playlist

  • The Menzingers
  • The Dopamines
  • New Found Glory
  • Handguns
  • Taking Back Sunday
  • The Story So Far
  • Cloud Nothings
  • Face to Face
  • Crucial Dudes
  • 88 Fingers Louie
  • Banquets
  • Yo La Tengo
  • Save Your Breath
  • Latterman
  • Anti-Flag
  • La Dispute
  • Title Fight
  • Far from Finished
  • Broadway Calls
  • blink-182
  • Dropkick Murphys
  • Dan Padilla
  • Hot Water Music
  • Red City Radio
  • Box Car Racer
  • The Copyrights
  • Punkin pie

Books I Read (listened) in 2012

  • Trust Me, I’m Lying
  • The War of Art: Winning the Inner Creative Battle
  • The Believing Brain
  • Authentic Happiness (only partly)
  • The Art of Battle (breakdancing book)
  • Steal Like an Artist
[/twocol_one_last] [hr]

Wow that was exhaustive, but fun looking at my history.  Take it for what it is!

Looking ahead:

2013 is already here and I feel behind. I haven’t really thought about my goals at all.

  1. WMC Fest 2013 – getting more refined. First time all in one building. Should be another barnstormer!
  2. I am really excited about my new band. I’m taking music more seriously this year. Learning piano, studying music theory. In the end I’m writing punk songs, but I want to be able to do it better!
  3. I plan on taking two breakdance classes per week. One with Daisun and one with Swift Ali. Daisun just opened up his CityBreaks studio to group classes so I’m totally taking advantage of that. My goal this year is to just keep practicing. Nothing big.
  4. I want to go on another vacation with Kim. Someplace calm. Relaxing. Lazy.
  5. Hope to see Go Media see positive returns on all the hard work we did this year on systems, metrics, and growth plans.
  6. On the Map CLE is taking off and I think OTM 3 will be huge.

The Freebie

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I found out Katie Aselton was directing films when I read about her most recent film called Black Rock. She’s the wife of one of my favorite directors Mark Duplass (The Puffy Chair, Baghead). I couldn’t see Black Rock yet, so I saw that her directorial debut The Freebie was avaiable on Netflix so I watched that. I saw the movie poster for it and was underwhelmed. It seemed to be branded as a quirky sex comedy, but I was really hoping it wasn’t. And I am pleased to say it blew my expectations out of the water.

So if you really want to watch a lighthearted romantic comedy, don’t watch this.

The Freebie is about a young husband and wife that have lost the spark in the sack. One night they decide that it would be a good idea to experiment with sleeping with other people for one night. Now, I recently heard a This American Life episode about the crazy things people do for love and the whole “let’s try sleeping with other people” experiment was one of the examples. And as you might expect, it didn’t work out in the end, the couple was worse off for it. I feel like if you’re in a position where that experiment actually becomes an option with your spouse, you’re probably not doing so good and one or both of you is looking for a way out. Something to break up over. It’s really sad actually and I am thankful that Kim and I both firmly stand against this idea.

But I’m not opposed to watching a film about a couple trying it out. I was really curious how Katie Aselton was going to pull it off in her film. Honestly, she did wonderfully. I went into it with mixed expectations. The poster/branding made me feel bleh, but if she has the same sort of taste in movie making as her husband Mark Duplass, then I was hoping for a gem. And fortunately, we get a diamond. (Cheesy, I know, but it’s true).

The movie has all the cinema verite goodness you’d come to expect from a Duplass film (Mark Duplass produced it by the way). It feels so natural. The acting is superb and the way she handles “the idea”, “the execution”, and “the aftermath” is so tastefully done I’m just blown away. She didn’t let it turn into a stupid romcom and she was aware enough to address the fact that this was a terrible idea. I’m glad she didn’t somehow find a way to make light of the situation because that’s what mainstream films typically want to do. The truth is we don’t really find out if it “works” because relationships and marriages can’t solve their problems in 90 minutes of cinema. You get the impression that the aftermath and the issue still exists for this couple after the end of the film and that’s how it really is. I appreciate that.

I’m so happy with The Freebie. I can’t wait to watch it again, this time with Kim. I think she’ll “enjoy” it like I did. It definitely affected me.

Project Nim

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I saw Project Nim last night, which I had heard a lot about. It kept coming up in many top ten documentary lists this year and it didn’t disappoint. It’s a fascinating look into the 1970’s experiment where they tried to raise a chimp as a human and see if they could teach it sign language.

There were quite a lot of cute parts with baby monkeys doing baby monkey things. But then when baby monkeys grow up, they start doing things that make you realize they’re a wild animal. They’ll lash out and bite you or wreck your home. That’s kind of what happened and little Nim Chimpsky got moved from home to home with different teachers who all claimed they could do it better. What resulted was a confused chimp who was really being unfairly raised outside of his natural environment. He couldn’t really “be” a monkey like he should be.

Whether you’re an animal rights activist or not, you’ll see how incompetent some of these people really were. And the professor who started the project seemed to be more interested in his own esteem and getting with all his female teachers! Kind of whack if you ask me.

But then a guy named Bob Ingersoll came in who actually seemed to respect the fact that Nim was a monkey and treated him as such. Eventually though he got taken back to the laboratory and locked in a cage with other chimps. He was scared and didn’t know how to act around them. That part of the movie got really sad.

I don’t need to go into more detail, but it was definitely a fascinating movie. Directed by James Marsh who did Man on Wire and I’ve heard referred to as the “British Errol Morris” due to his more cinematic documentary style. Project Nim was awesome.

Life in a Day

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Kim and I watched the documentary Life in a Day, which was comprised of user submitted clips from around the world. It was actually really good! I felt so many different emotions from joy, grief, and fear. Some disturbing images of animals getting killed was hard to watch, but it was real. It was real life. The film managed to make you care for these people even though they were simply clips, none lasting more than a few minutes. Part were truly touching and overall it’s one of those movies that makes you look at your own life and how innocuous and mundane it really is, but at the same time beautiful.

Cold Weather

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I had the pleasure of seeing Aaron Katz‘s new film Cold Weather the other night. It was lovely! Aaron was one of the original “mumblecore” directors I got into when I saw Dance Party USA and Quiet City. He doesn’t make nearly as many films as some of the others (looking at you Joe Swanberg), but when he does they are really really good.

Cold Weather, production wise, is more polished but the acting and story is still very down to earth and real. Basically what takes place is a ho-hum twentysomething flick like just about every other “new talkie” – but things take an awesome turn when they discover a key character is missing. So what unfolds is a thrilling hunt to find clues and uncover secrets about the characters.

I’ve been watching a TON of true crime shows with my wife like Disappeared, Nightmare Next Door, (anything on Information Discovery Channel) and I recently went to a focus group for a real murder case happening in Ohio. So my crime solving antennaes were way up already and this movie took my love for cinema verite and combined it with a missing person’s story. I was hooked!

The ending might leave people confused and wanting more. But if you look at the film as a slice of life or more than just a mystery thriller but as a character study about a brother, a sister, and a friend, it’s pretty remarkable.


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Wow this was a weird movie. I like weird, so I recommend it. I was impressed by the visuals and the tone of the film. At first I thought the dirty lenses were trying too hard to be hip/retro, but it grew on me. I didn’t really like the characters at all and the story is kind of thin. I think I mostly appreciate this as an art film. The way it looks, the way it sounds, the post-apocalyptic lunacy of building flame throwers and Mad Max cars, all set in suburbia. The film is sort of misogynistic and all about bros and muscle cars and beer (the women in the film are portrayed as disposable and problem-causing), which pretty much are the opposite of what I like. But the movie was a trip.

I like what Kim Nicolini says about Bellflower:

What makes Bellflower so fresh is the creative ingenuity and the emotional passion of its filmmaker Evan Glodell. Glodell takes D.I.Y filmmaking to the Nth degree. Not only did he write and direct the movie, but he poured his entire emotional presence into the film through the physicality of the filmmaking process.

Seriously though, I want to see more from Evan. The fact that he built his own cameras and was so emotionally invested in the film, it’s truly an art project and reflection of the director.

RSO [Registered Sex Offender]

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I couldn’t sleep last night for fear of having another night terror (long story, should I blog about it?), so I distracted myself by knocking out another movie from my Netflix instant queue with my iPod. I added the film RSO [Registered Sex Offender] to my queue a while back because Andrew Bujalski is in it. One of my fav directors (Funny Ha Ha, Mutual Appreciation, Beeswax, and the “godfather of mumblecore.”) Also credited in the cast is Richard Linklater (director of School of Rock, Before Sunset, and Waking Life). It wasn’t exactly what I remember going back and forth on whether this was a documentary or just another mumblecore movie. I think it was like a mumblecore mockumentary about a 25 year old sex addict who gets out of prison for “purposely” sending a NSFW photo of himself to a minor. He’s now labeled an RSO and has to integrate himself back into life.

He’s probably one of the most unlikable assholes you’ll ever see on screen, well I can sort of have empathy for him at times. But the film totally knows it and people keep telling him as pisses people off at various job interviews, community service tasks, therapy, etc. But the way it’s done is extremely blunt and sarcastic, but quite smart and honest. This isn’t really a movie I WANT to give 5 stars to, but I think I have to simply because it’s quite a leap from most “mumblecore” type films. It’s definitely a black comedy, but isn’t filled with gratuitous gross out sex jokes or innuendo like a lot of mainstream “sex comedies” might be. It’s mostly done through dialogue which is great btw. Most people won’t like this film I’m sure, but I was impressed. I am not going to lie, I liked it. The movie had that mumblecore heart that I love despite being a little crude.


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I was home sick today with a head cold and feeling pretty terrible. This was the perfect opportunity to watch a movie that I know Kim would not want to watch with me and that is Yeast. The film is directed by Mary Bronstein, which happens to be the wife of Frownland director Ronald Bronstein.

From the director:

“Yeast” explores the grinding mechanics of friendships that have run their course . . . they are Ebola-infested, maggot-filled and bursting at the seams.”

At a recent movie night at our house, I decided to “try” to play Frownland for Kim and Adam. We didn’t even get through 10 minutes before I turned it off, it’s that off-putting. It’s not really offensive in any way, it’s just extremely hard to watch unless you are by yourself and are interested in lo-fi “mumblecore” style films with very dislikable characters. The characters in Yeast, and in Frownland I should add, are so unlikable that it’s quite a shock to most people. Things don’t really get better as the movie goes on. If you watch Yeast, you’ll probably be ready to kill the main character at the end.

I probably wouldn’t like this film as much as I did if I didn’t know where it came from. Part of the crew and even some extras are the Safdie brothers, who directed Daddy Longlegs and The Pleasure of Being Robbed, both fantastic films. Actually, the film stems from the same Red Bucket Films family tree which I love so much.

So if you’re into Lo-Fi, Indie, DIY, Mumblecore, Dogme 95, or Neorealist cinema, Yeast is a must watch. Other than that, don’t say I didn’t warn you!


The Parking Lot Movie

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Kim and I watched The Parking Lot Movie on Instant Watch and it was pretty great. It’s about a small pay parking lot and its rag tag crew of over-educated but underemployed attendants. I started off annoyed with these kids who dress up in costumes and play games in the parking lot to pass the time and it feels kind of intimidating to park there and have these idiots take your money. However as the movie went on I really started to relate to them.

It takes a certain kind of person to sit all day in a small little booth and deal with the general public. The documentary has a kind of punk rock sensibility which I immediately latched on to. It was quite funny watching them deal with rude parkers, suvs, frat boys, drive-offs, and other morons.  I will look at parking lot attendants in a whole new light! And I really wanna try to play a game of flip-cone, where you try to flip a parking cone in a certain way so it stacks onto another.  Fun!



2011 in Review and Top Lists!

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So there goes another year! Goodbye 2011 and welcome 2012. For my movies and music lists I went ahead and included 2010 as well since I totally didn’t do a recap post then. Enjoy!

Notable happenings from 2011:

  1. WMC Fest 2011. Just watch this video and you’ll see. It was a vast improvement from year one and the 20/20/20 format worked really well. Lots of great energy, feedback, and buzz and this has got to be one of the most positive things going for me right now. 2012 plans are already underway and we should be launching the new website in the next 1-2 months.
  2. Bought a new car! A 2011 Toyota Prius to be exact (see photo). So far, I love the car. It’s got great gas mileage of course, which I liked from owning a hybrid vehicle before, but it’s also just plain fun and it’s got some nice modern stylings which I like.
  3. Published my first book! Thread’s Not Dead came out in April in ebook format and in October it was released as a hardcover.  Watch this lovely video of the event by Purple Films. This was a major accomplishment and it’s still weird to say that I’m an “author.” I suppose that’s more accurate than saying I’m a writer, even though I write a lot!  But after 8-9 months of planning, writing, designing, and executing, I finally put it out and I’ve managed to sell nearly 1,300 ebook bundles, 266 Kindle editions, 39 Nook editions, and over 300 hard copies so far.  (I had to login to about 5 different sites to get reports on all these sales, it’s a pain in the ass I must say. Amazon has 3 different admin backends btw!)
  4. Kim and I celebrated 3 years of marriage. We went to downtown Kent, which was home of our 2nd date. We went to the University Plaza theater to see a movie, just like we did on our 2nd date back in 2003. The movie we saw was called Contagion. In 2003 it was Bruce Almighty. Fun fact!
  5. I celebrated one year of breakdancing class. I started taking breakdancing classes in Aug/Sept 2010 at a studio called Rock City Dance in Middleburg Heights. It’s taught by BBoy Swift Ali. This has been seriously some of the most fun I’ve had, despite it being exhausting. I love breaking and I love learning the dances. I just want to keep getting better. You can watch some of my practice videos here.
  6. Our pet bunny Cocoa died. This was extremely sad for Kim and I as he was our first pet. We had him for 5 years and to see him pass away was heartbreaking. He got sick with an ear infection and after several vet trips and tons of medicine later, he just wasn’t improving. He had head tilt and eventually couldn’t even stand up. He would wobble up, fall over, tumble and roll violently in his cage and it was awful to watch. He finally passed away one evening while Kim and I cried as we pet him during his final breaths. This was the first time a pet died in front of me and it was hard to deal with. I am sad just writing this. We then got Cocoa cremated and his remains preserved in a special bunny urn with a small pouch with a lock of hair and his paw prints to remember him. We will miss him!!
  7. I spoke in Columbus, Georgia with Von Glitschka. This was super fun, as I was invited to an event called Columbus Creative Artist Roundup 2011. I talked about Side Projects, Synergy, and Self Promotion. Mike and Karen were awesome!
  8. I won a AIGA CLE Design Award. I don’t really submit my work for awards, but our goal was to get more involved in AIGA so I was encouraged to submit work for their CLE Design Awards in 2011. I won for the site I designed for
  9.  We launched On the Map. The brainchild one of our designers Chris Comella at Go Media. It was a video series that profiled a handful of people and brands to make mini-documentaries about and screened them in our studio last November. The project seems to be taking off and we are really excited about its future.
  10. Built out our kitchen at Go Media. We finally installed real cabinets and a kitchen sink for the “break room” in our office. Washing dishes in the bathroom sink sucked!
  11. We got our first cat! Kim and I adopted our first cat, which we call Cookie, from the Cleveland APL. She’s super friendly and playful, although sometimes a little needy and hyperactive!  But it’s cool to have some more excitement in the house!
  12. I became an Uncle to Leihetta! My brother Jon and his fiance Felicia had a baby named Leihetta and she’s so cute!  My parents are happy to finally be grandparents.
  13. More babies and more marriages. My business partner Wilson and his wife Rachel gave birth to Audrey Violet earlier this year. My former By Bread Alone bandmate Eugene Lin got married, my long-time friend Dan Haylett and his wife Gemma are pregnant and so is my former college roommate Jeff Barton and his wife Shelly. Congrats to them all!
  14. We did some updates on the house. We got the living room completely made over with advice from an interior designer. We were stumped with what to do with it and it was never getting done so we asked for help. We got it painted, got a new sectional sofa, and other stuff. We bought a nice futon for our spare bedroom for overnight guests. We got part of our basement waterproofed. We also got new flooring and a toilet in our half bathroom. My wife Kim posts on her blog about our updates sometimes.
  15. I started doing Yoga. A former elementary schoolmate of mine April Arotin reached out to me to help her with a flyer for her new yoga studio she was opening. I was happy to help and she offered me some free Yoga classes in return. That was great because I’ve been wanting to try Yoga to supplement my breakdancing training and I love it.
  16. Got Back into Magic: The Gathering. My brother Jon started playing Magic and got me to dust off my cards and that was enough to fuel the fire. After WMC Fest I was pretty burnt out like normal and needed a hobby to distract me from the design world. It was refreshing!  I started playing Magic in 1995 or so and stopped around 2004. So it was a good 7 years of new cards and rules changes I had to catch up with. But fortunately, there is a PS3 game called Duels of the Planeswalkers that successfully brought the experience of playing Magic to a video game. That helped a lot. I made a new friend Gene Tanner who has helped me build some pretty competetive decks like Zoo and Merfolk in Legacy and Wolf Run Ramp in Standard. The Innistrad prerelease was a blast and I remember what it was like to be obsessed with Magic. The good ole days!

Here is my top list for 2011 (and 2010 because I missed last year)


Fav Movies and TV Shows

  • $100 and a T-Shirt
  • Abel Raises Cain
  • Amazing Race (TV Series)
  • Antichrist
  • Ballast
  • Beautiful Losers
  • Best Worst Movie
  • Blue Valentine
  • Capturing Reality: The Art of Documentary
  • Catfish
  • Come and See
  • Dexter (TV Series)
  • Dogtooth
  • Down to the Bone
  • Enter the Void
  • Exit Through the Gift Shop
  • Fishing with John
  • Fish Tank
  • Forgetting Dad
  • Frontline: Death by Fire
  • God’s Country
  • Harpers Island (TV Series)
  • Hoarders (TV Series)
  • Hunger
  • Impaler
  • In a Better World
  • IT Crowd (TV Series)
  • Lorna’s Silence
  • Melancholia
  • Paradise Lost 1 and 2
  • Paranormal Activity
  • Pirates of Silicon Valley
  • Premonition
  • Second Skin
  • Tabloid
  • Talhotblond
  • The First 48 (TV Series)
  • The House of the Devil
  • The Parking Lot Movie
  • The Road
  • The Room
  • The Wild and Wonderful Whites
  • This American Life (TV series)
  • Thumbs Up (TV Series)
  • Toy Story 3
  • Troubled Water
  • Winnebago Man
  • Winter’s Bone
  • Witch Hunt
  • Zero Day

Fav Podcasts

  • Content Talks
  • MtG Cast (various Magic podcasts)
  • So Many Insane Plays (Magic)
  • Stuff Mom Never Told You
  • Stuff You Should Know
  • The Big Web Show
  • The Documentary Blog Podcast
  • The Pipeline
  • This American Life
  • Yale University Psychology Lectures from Paul Bloom
[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last] Bands in my Playlist

  • Anti-Flag
  • Beastie Boys
  • Blink-182
  • Box Car Racer
  • Cherry Cola Champions
  • Dropkick Murphys
  • Forest Swords
  • Four Year Strong
  • I Call Fives
  • La Dispute
  • Metavari
  • New Found Glory
  • Parachute Journalists
  • Red City Radio
  • Save Your Breath
  • Set Your Goals
  • Signals Midwest
  • Spraynard
  • Such Gold
  • The Story So Far
  • The Wonder Years
  • Title Fight
  • Transit

Books I Read the Past Two Years

  • A Book Apart: Elements of Content Strategy
  • A Book Apart: Mobile First
  • A Book Apart: Responsive Web Design
  • Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us
  • E-Myth Revisited
  • Freakonomics
  • Getting Things Done (partially)
  • Good to Great (partially)
  • How Pleasure Works
  • How to Launch the Shit out of Your eBook
  • Linchpin (partially)
  • No More Mr. Nice Guy
  • Overcoming Shyness and Social Anxiety
  • Rework
  • Switch: How to Change When Change is Hard
  • Thank You Economy
  • The Four Hour Workweek
  • The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists
  • The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest (partially)
  • The Girl Who Played with Fire
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  • The Power of Less
  • The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs
  • The Return to the Little Kingdom (partially)
  • The Tipping Point
  • Think and Grow Rich (partially)
  • Trust Agents
  • Yes! 50 Proven Ways to be Persuasive
[/twocol_one_last] [hr]

Wow that was exhaustive, but fun looking at my history.  Take it for what it is!

Looking ahead:

2012 is shaping up to be a busy year already.  Here are some things already planned on the calendar:

  1. Releasing 3 more songs from my band Parachute Journalists and then closing the book on that chapter. Maybe there will be a new band in the future?
  2. WMC Fest 2012 to be bigger and better!
  3. On the Map event will itself get “on the map” and more people will know about it.
  4. My wife Kim will finish her Paralegal education and get her certificate.
  5. Going to Montreal with my wife for Montreal Meets 2.
  6. More home improvement updates like fixing the furnace, cleaning air ducts, new kitchen faucet, etc.
  7. Finish and post a Beastie Boys music video that my wife and I are doing for fun.
  8. We will build out a private workout area at Go Media. We bought equipment at the end of 2011 and will receive it in 2012. New employee perk and we also got some funding from COSE Wellness. Sweet!
  9. I’ll be better at breakdancing for sure, but I don’t know how much better. We’ll see!